About Us

The British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) has been representing the UK structural steel sector for over a century and the Republic of Ireland since 2006. BCSA operates on a local, national and international level raising the profile of the sector and members of the Association.

Principal Objectives of BCSA

  • Promote the use of structural steelwork in the UK and Ireland
  • Represent the members’ and industry’s interests to Government and the wider construction sector
  • Develop technical guidance on structural steelwork for both members and the wider construction sector
  • Raise health and safety, competency and quality standards in structural steelwork throughout the membership and industry as a whole
  • To maintain the market share of constructional steelwork in the UK and Ireland

What BCSA provides its Members

  • Demonstrates the capabilities of members to specifiers and clients
  • Supports members with professional services and advice
  • Development of industry-specific courses and training, as well as providing seminars on various topics
  • Regional meetings and working groups for members to attend, to discuss matters of common interest

Who does BCSA represent?

RQSC Steelwork Contractors for Buildings

Companies who undertake the design, fabrication and erection of constructional steelwork and architectural steelwork for buildings.

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RQSC Steelwork Contractors for Bridgeworks

Companies who undertake the design, fabrication and installation of bridges, and other types of constructional steelwork for infrastructure projects.

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Industry Members

Companies in the supply chain who support steelwork contractors, providing them with components, materials or products.

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Corporate Members

These are clients, professional organisations, educational establishments who support and have links to the constructional steelwork industry.

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Representation at European Level

BCSA experts attend working groups across Europe, sitting on CEN, ECCS and BSI committees. This is to ensure that new technical standards developed, are beneficial to our Members and that they are achievable in a work place environment.

Affiliations and Memberships

BCSA has affiliations and memberships with a number of organisations, to help promote the constructional steelwork industry and our members. Some of these include: