Severfield plc

Building Categories

  • C Heavy industrial platework for plant structures, bunkers, hoppers, silos etc
  • D High rise buildings (offices etc over 15 storeys)
  • E Large span portals (over 30m)
  • F Medium/small span portals (up to 30m) and low rise buildings (up to 4 storeys)
  • G Medium rise buildings (from 5 to 15 storeys)
  • H Large span trusswork (over 20m)
  • J Tubular steelwork where tubular construction forms a major part of the structure
  • K Towers and masts
  • L Architectural steelwork for staircases, balconies, canopies etc
  • M Frames for machinery, supports for plant and conveyors
  • N Large grandstands and stadia (over 5000 persons)
  • Q Specialist fabrication services (eg bending, cellular/castellated beams, plate girders)
  • R Refurbishment
  • S Lighter fabrications including fire escapes, ladders and catwalks

Bridgework Categories

  • AS Ancillary structures in steel associated with bridges,footbridges or sign gantries (eg grillages,purpose-made temporary works)
  • FRF Factory bridge refurbishment
  • SRF On site bridge refurbishment
  • BA Bridges with stiffened complex platework
  • CM Cable-supported bridges (eg cable-stayed or suspension) and other major structures (eg 100 metre span)
  • FB Footbridges
  • SG Sign Gantries
  • CF Complex Footbridge
  • MB Moving bridges
  • PG Bridges made principally from plate girders
  • TW Bridges made principally from trusswork

Guide Contract Value

above £10,000,000

Company Accreditations

  • FPC-EXC-4 - BS EN 1090-1
  • QM - BS EN ISO 9001
  • EM - BS EN ISO14001
  • HSM - BS EN ISO 45001
  • WQMS-C - BS EN ISO 3834-2
  • BES 6001

Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate,



Yorkshire & The Humber



+44 (0) 1845 577896



BCSA Women in Steel series featuring Nikita Watson

Nikita Watson started off working in Law and decided to change industry for a better work life balance. Her transferable skills and attention to detail, led her to the role of Quality Support Admin, where she looks after lifetime record documentation for modular buildings.

BCSA Women in Steel series featuring Veronica Ferrari

At the age of 14 Veronica enrolled in a Technical Surveying School in Italy due to her love of technical drawing. Following a move to London, she completed a course in Quantity Surveying. In her current role as Assistant Project Manager, she oversees projects from initial planning stages to the final execution.

BCSA Women in Steel series featuring Jennifer Magowan

Jennifer has the responsibility, in her role of Divisional Finance Director, of managing the finances of four companies across the UK and Northern Ireland which have a combined £400 million turnover. One of the most interesting projects she has been involved with, is the new Google HQ, a landscraper, which if upended would be the height of the Shard.

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