Judith Cummins MP Visits Barrett Steel To Discuss Industry Concerns


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Judith Cummins, MP for Bradford South, recently visited Barrett Steel in Bradford, a prominent constructional steel stockholding company located in her constituency.

During the visit, Mrs Cummins engaged in discussions with industry leaders from the company and its trade association, the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA), shedding light on critical issues affecting the constructional steelwork sector.

The primary topics covered during the visit included:

  • Impact of recent industry news: Judith expressed interest in understanding how recent developments involving Tata and British Steel’s plans to transition to Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) have affected the business landscape.
  • Challenges in accessing finance: The conversation highlighted the government's focus on mills, though fabricators and stockholders are also significantly impacted by high energy demands. The financial barriers to investing in decarbonisation technologies were emphasised, as such investments are often inaccessible for many members.
  • Sustainability and technological shortfalls: Despite governmental mandates for decarbonisation, the lack of adequate technology remains a hurdle, particularly challenges with implementing EV into a heavy goods environment.
  • Workforce recruitment challenges: Discussions also covered the general difficulties in employment and recruitment within the industry.

As the largest steel stockholder in the UK, Barrett Steel supplies constructional steel for a variety of sectors, including agricultural buildings, construction, infrastructure, offshore and many more.

Guy Barrett, chief operating officer at Barrett Steel said: “It was great to welcome Judith to our factory and introduce her to some of our workers who continue to deliver a fantastic service for several sectors across the UK.

“During the visit, Judith showed an interest in understanding our challenges and opportunities. It's essential to collaborate with policymakers to create an environment conducive to the growth of our industry.”

Jonathan Clemens, CEO of the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA), attended the visit, providing valuable perspectives on the broader industry challenges.

Mr Clemens said: “We had a valuable discussion, and it's heartening to see policymakers like Judith taking an active interest.

“The constructional steelwork sector plays a vital role in our economy, and collaborative efforts are crucial to address the challenges and unlock its potential for growth.”

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Judith Cummins MP at Barrett Steel

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