CRAFT Metal Decking Installer

The training modules are designed to help develop new people to the industry how to carry out the tasks safely and to the required standards.

They will enable the trainee to become competent in installing metal decking, with some also becoming proficient at studwelding if the additional module is included.

CRAFT Metal decking installer course modules and content

  • To be able to demonstrate good working practices to reduce exposure to any hazards associated with installing metal decking sheets with particular attention given to the risks associated with working at height
  • Be able to carry out work safely and leave the workplace in a safe and tidy condition
  • For site work the CITB Health, safety and Environment Test will be required

  • Understand the requirements for delivery and receipt of transported loads, their storage on site and positioning onto the structure to enable efficient progression of the metal decking installation

  • Understand the different processes for accessing the working area and for carrying out the work in a safe and efficient manner
  • To recognise fall prevention methods for leading edges, voids and openings
  • How to maintain a safe place of work

  • To be able to follow the method statement and risk assessment to work safely to position, cut, shape and seal metal decking along with the edge trims and corner or shaped edges

  • To be able to use the variety of tools and equipment required to move, cut, shape and secure the metal decking
  • To recognise where and how temporary propping is required for following trade operations Understand how and where the use of lifting equipment will be required and the pre checks required to ensure the equipment can be operated safely
  • To be able to identify the additional health and safety requirements needed for the manual lifting operations and how others that may be affected when working in temporary locations

  • Recognise the appropriate accessories and how they are attached
  • Understand the testing process before first operation
  • Operate the equipment in a safe and efficient manner

  • To be able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic lifting practices, the correct accessories and storage of equipment

  • Understand the welding procedure specifications and how to set up the equipment based on the procedure
  • Control the cables and hoses in work area to give a safe and efficient operation
  • Remove all ferrules and maintain good housekeeping


Course costs

LevelNumber of ModulesPeriod of Learning (Months)BCSA Member Price (£)BCSA Member Price (£) (bulk >5)BCSA Member Price + Lantra (£)

BCSA Member Price + Lantra (£) (bulk >5)

Non BCSA Member Cost (£)
Experienced Worker8Workplace Assessment

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