CRAFT Structural Steel Detailer

This CRAFT course is to develop those new to the industry or to up-skill someone that has shown a more technical aptitude.

This is a two year apprentice programme using the CRAFT Modules to provide the learning material with guidance given from within the company by internal coaches, and allows time for experience to be gained by the trainee.

Course modules and content

  • Demonstrate good working practices to reduce exposure to any hazards, carry out work safely and leave the workplace in a safe and tidy condition

  • Recognise the components of fabricated steelwork identify the various machinery and equipment used in fabrication and understand the factory production process

  • Understand contractual and technical requirements
  • The role and responsibilities of a steel detailer
  • Work to the drawing office procedures

  • Identify the various steelwork sections
  • Understand the different uses of welded and bolted connections and recognise the limits on transportation and site erection

  • Recognise the different building types
  • Understand the different building geometries
  • Understand the different roof geometries

  • Understand the forces involved in the structure, the variety and use of structural bolts and the design and strength of structural welds
  • Recognise the variety of different connections used

  • Understand the role of the beams and columns in structures and the building layout and floor construction
  • Understand the use of bracing and splicing and recognise the additional requirements for crane gantry beams

  • Understand the specific details of roof trusses, the use of lattice girders and the use of girder members

  • Understand Hip and Valley Frames, the inclusion of Roof Panels and Cladding
  • Understand the use of Industrial Stairs and Ladders and recognise the specific details of Cold Form Frames

  • Recognise the different software operating systems
  • Understand what Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) is and how to deal with CAD problems
  • Understand how BIM and Model sharing can bring improvements


Course costs

LevelNumber of ModulesPeriod of Learning (Months)BCSA Member Price (£)BCSA Member Price (£) (bulk >5)BCSA Member Price + Lantra (£)

BCSA Member Price + Lantra (£) (bulk >5)

Non BCSA Member Cost (£)

Register for the course

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