CRAFT Structural Steelwork Fabricator Welder

This modular based training course is for trainee fabricator welders.

On successful completion of this training and validation a BCSA CRAFT Certificate as a fabricator welder will be awarded. This will demonstrate their competence to work within the constructional steelwork industry.

Course modules and content

  • Demonstrate good working practices to reduce exposure to any hazards
  • Carry out work safely
  • Leave the workplace in a safe and tidy condition

  • Identify the hazards associated with arc welding and cutting fumes
  • Demonstrate good working practices to reduce exposure to hazards

  • How to recognise the different sizes and shapes of materials used
  • Recognise and understand the labels and symbols used in drawings

  • Recognise the different hand tools and equipment used
  • Understand how to use the tools and equipment to mark steelwork
  • Understand how to translate the information from the drawings or sketches

  • Understand the variety of machines and their usage
  • Set up jigs and stops for multi-production
  • Work to the details provided by production sketches

  • Understand how the equipment is set up to produce different finishes
  • Recognise the appropriate use of manual and mechanical equipment
  • Understand the safety requirements of pressurised gas systems

  • Recognise the appropriate accessories and how they are attached
  • Understand the testing process before first operation
  • Operate the equipment in a safe and efficient manner

  • Understand the process of welding
  • Identify the various welding joints and preparation
  • Understand the symbols used on production drawings

  • Recognise the variety of tools and equipment used in assembly
  • Understand the use of jigs to aid assembly
  • Work to detailed drawings to produce accurate assemblies

  • Understand the principles of semi automatic welding
  • Be able to set up the equipment to meet the company procedures
  • Demonstrate good welding techniques to produce appropriate profiles

  • Understand how and when SAW is the preferred process
  • Be able to set up the equipment to meet company procedures
  • Operate the equipment to produce the required finished product

  • Understand the transferable accessories needed to set up the equipment for use
  • Understand the production sketches to ensure accurate application
  • Operate the equipment to comply with company procedures

  • Understand the terminology used in welding processes
  • Describe the key features of weld preparation joints
  • Describe the key features of a completed welded joint
  • Recognise weld imperfections and how they can be prevented


Course costs

LevelNumber of ModulesPeriod of Learning (Months)BCSA Member Price (£)BCSA Member Price (£) (bulk >5)BCSA Member Price + Lantra (£)

BCSA Member Price + Lantra (£) (bulk >5)

Non BCSA Member Cost (£)

Register for the course

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