Ed Miliband MP at Cementation Skanska

Ed Miliband MP praises local opportunities and green credentials on visit to Cementation Skanska, Bentley works

On a visit to Skanska’s piling and steelwork fabrication’s facility in Bentley, Ed Miliband MP, praised the company’s commitment to offering opportunities to local people, including its flourishing apprenticeship scheme.

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Gary Simmons BCSA President

President's Column November/December 2023

There is a simple question that relates to established UK steelwork design practice that is becoming increasing difficult to answer … when is a steelwork connection not just a connection?

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George Freeman MP at H Young Structures

George Freeman MP shown local value on visit to H Young Structures and Hi-Span

On a visit to H. Young Structures and its sister company Hi-Span in Wymondham, George Freeman, MP for Mid Norfolk, was shown the work the firm is doing to ensure that the local economy benefits from its headquarters in the region.

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Gary Simmons, President BCSA

President's Column October 2023

At the time of writing this column, the UK Government had just announced a £500m contribution to keep open the UK’s largest steelworks plant in Port Talbot, Wales. With additional major investment from the owners Tata Steel, this money will be used to fund the installation of new Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs) to reduce the level of site emissions by 85%.

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Structural Steel Design Awards logo

2023 Structural Steel Design Awards winners announced

The 55th Structural Steel Design Awards (SSDA) jointly sponsored by the British Constructional Steelwork Association and Steel for Life was held on Thursday 28th September at Christ Church Spitalfields Venue, London.

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Gary Simmons BCSA President

President's Column September 2023

We all know the age-old expression about being a jack of all trades but a master of none, and this concept has been recognised and used within the steelwork industry for many years in the knowledge that specialist advice is required during the design of certain buildings and structures....

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Amanda Solloway MP at STRUMIS

Derby technology firm continues to lead from the front with global exports on the up

In a recent visit, 1 August 2023, to the STRUMIS Ltd office, Amanda Solloway, MP for Derby North, recognised the firm’s determination for growth and was shown the innovative software solutions that are being designed for the constructional steel industry.

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A warm welcome to our new BCSA Industry Member – European Metal Recycling Ltd (EMR)

EMR works with a wide range of construction firms, managing their recycling and then processing the scrap provided which can be through companies delivering the waste to an EMR yard or having a dedicated skip on their premises.

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SCM Ltd Logo - BCSA Corporate Member

A warm welcome to our new BCSA Corporate Member – Solent Commercial Management Limited

Solent Commercial Management Limited, based in Gosport, Hampshire, is a multidisciplinary UK-based company providing quantity surveying, commercial management and dispute resolution.

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Bonham & Brook North Ltd Logo - BCSA Corporate Member

A warm welcome to our new BCSA Corporate Member – Bonham and Brook North Ltd

Founded in 2018, Bonham and Brook North Ltd are tax experts and funding specialists, helping clients achieve their potential for growth

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