Reclaimed steel courtesy of Cleveland Steel and Tubes

New Release: Model Specification for the Purchase of Reclaimed Steel Sections

Steel reuse is an important demand-side reduction measure under the circular economy strategy within the BCSA 2050 decarbonisation roadmap published last year. So, with this in mind, coupled with the increasing awareness of the benefits of reusing structural steel, sees a growing demand for advice and information how to approach this - in terms of technical details, design and procurement.Many technical questions for steel produced since 1970 were answered in the SCI reuse protocol (SCI...

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Sir Graham Brady MP touring the fabrication facilities of Farrat

Sir Graham Brady MP has a warm and stable visit to Farrat

On the 11 th March 2022, Farrat hosted Sir Graham Brady MP at their design, development, and manufacturing site in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. The company, which lies within Sir Brady's constituency, is a family firm that was established in 1959.Mr Chris Lister, Commercial Manager, started by giving an overview of the products they supply to projects all over the world, which include components for acoustic isolation/insulation, building and machinery vibration control and products to...

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Elland Steel's Mark Denham - BCSA President's column

President's Column March 2022

The state of the world is such now, that the BBC now feels it has to explain what NATO is to its audience. It's difficult to comprehend how anybody under 40 wouldn't have any knowledge of NATO. It's clear that the new generation of 16- to 24-year-olds have differing skills than we did when we were their age, not worse, just different. It's also clear that they have differing aspirations for their careers and work life balance. Top companies will need to be agile enough to find a compromise...

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Mark Denham - President's column BCSA

President's Column February 2022

The legacy of Covid is still causing problems, there is still a significant amount of money that has been artificially put into the system by most western governments. This is causing additional demand. The consequence of this additional demand is that we are now seeing a relatively high inflation level at over 5% and this will lead in turn to an increase in wage expectations and an increase in interest rates.In management circles some analysts talk about Covid causing "the great...

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Sum ADR - BCSA new corporate member

BCSA welcomes new Corporate member - Sum ADR

BCSA welcomes a new Corporate member - SUM ADR. Sum ADR Limited, are construction adjudicators and Quantity Surveyors, regulated by the RICS.

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Mark Denham - BCSA President - Elland Steel

President's Column January 2022

Late last year BCSA published its 2050 Decarbonisation Roadmap that sets out how the UK constructional steelwork sector will transition to net-zero by 2050. It will be a complex journey involving a diverse mix of innovative technologies and is based on six decarbonisation strategies, or 'levers', that the sector will develop and deploy concurrently. But, it is achievable andshows how a genuinely circular and sustainable net-zero carbon structural steel sector will be in place by 2050, with...

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MMC Engineer Ltd Logo - BCSA corporate member

BCSA welcomes new Corporate member - MMC Engineer Ltd

BCSA welcomes new Corporate memberBCSA is pleased to welcome MMCEngineer Ltd as a new Corporate Member.View their BCSA Member Directory Listing.

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Lee Rowley MP and Mark Denham at the structural steelwork decarbonisation roadmap launch

Structural steelwork announces net-zero carbon Roadmap with visit from special guest Lee Rowley MP

On November 22nd 2021, the BCSA announced the Roadmap at its Westminster headquarters to an audience including special guest Lee Rowley MP the Minister for Industry, BCSA Chief Executive David Moore said the whole steel sector was agreed that carbon reduction strategies were essential to combat the climate change emergency. "The Roadmap sets out a series of decarbonisation measures that the UK steel and steelwork industries have committed to and agree will achieve our net-zero objectives."...

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Mark Denham of Elland Steel - BCSA President

President's Column November/December 2021

In October, British Steel announced their 'Low-Carbon Roadmap' demonstrating its commitment to long-term sustainable steelmaking and the delivery of net-zero steel by 2050. It's important that the domestic section producer for the UK has issued this plan, which includes the building of an EAF plant and to facilitate carbon capture and storage for its BF-BOF plants by 2035.

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UK Structural Steelwork Decarbonisation Roadmap

BCSA launches Roadmap to Net Zero

The route to new zero carbon has been clearly set out in a Roadmap from the BCSA, signposting the new and developing technologies which will allow net zero steelmaking to be achieved by the 2050 target date. BCSA 2050 Decarbonisation Roadmap Waterfall Chart

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